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The practice of Integral Yoga (physical, bio-energetic, mental and spiritual) brings you with simplicity to the depth of your inner silence. In each Yoga session and after the effects of classical asanas from Hatha Yoga and combined with the Kundalini Yoga Kriyas, we achieve a state of inner peace and energy necessary to be able to carry on with the rhythm of today’s life, increasing self-esteem, bringing your mind to calm and on the way… taking years off your back and eliminating muscle aches and pains.

Practising Mindfulness means practising stress reduction through meditation and tools for day-to-day life at 50% and thus managing to reduce negative emotional states, reducing mental noise, achieving a change of attitude just with the daily practice that you will learn session by session. You will improve in focusing your attention on what is happening around you and you will be able to get your mind off the past and future “torments” that cause us to miss the only truth… which is the present. Without the mindfull attention we need on the present, life goes by like a train that doesn’t stop.



The need to eliminate body pain, increase blood circulation, reduce fatigue, release stress… calls you to receive a massage. By performing the appropriate manual manoeuvres, you will not only achieve all the mentioned above, but you will also regulate and balance your state of mind. A massage manages to bring the right pressure to the organ, muscle, or tissue that needs to be treated and thus obtain the relaxation that your musculature needs, the relief of not feeling any pain.

This is the way to keep yourself fit, have fun and let go of your problems through dance.
These simple choreographies will test your coordination and exercise to the rhythm of the music. Keeping you in shape has never been so much fun! Friendship, fun, dance… Enjoy!
You don’t need anything special… a pair of sneakers, comfortable clothes and the enthusiasm to have fun with people like you.

Fitness Dance

Macrobiotics and intestinal microbiota consultancy

Many of us suffer from overweight, insomnia, digestive issues, bad mood and fatigue. When did this start to happen?
Our society is marked by stress and hurries. We have watches and food, but we don’t have time and we don’t know how to feed ourselves.
There is a close relationship between the way we live and eat, and how we feel at all levels.
To feel strong and vital again, with energy and enthusiasm, and also to regain our ideal weight and healthy bowels, a healthy diet is necessary.
If you allow me, I can walk with you through this process to make it easier for you.

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Berto Alós

If you have reached Surya Yoga it is because you need to calm your body, your mind or both. I will be happy to help you regain that calm with any of my disciplines or by combining them.
I am a teacher of Integral Yoga by the Dharma Ananda School in Valencia, Transpersonal Mindfulness Consultant by the Spanish School of Transpersonal Development in Madrid and Chiromassage Therapist by the Sintagma School in Valencia.

The truth is that we need to stop and listen to ourselves, to work body and mind in order to have a full life. I suffered from stress and “mental noise” just like you and I was able to silence my inner self. Now I am the one who wants to help you to achieve it, just as someone did with me.
Let me walk with you on your path of personal development.

María Alonso

A few years ago, I found in sport and dance an escape route to release all the accumulated tensions and stress of routine. Not only did it help me to redirect all my energy, but I became so passionate about it that I now dedicate part of my professional life as an instructor of different dance modalities.

Would you like to let yourself flow to the rhythm of the music? By my hand, I assure you that there will be no shortage of fun!

Surya Yoga Maria Alonso
Surya Yoga Paloma Alos

Paloma Alós

Life, always testing us to make us grow, brought me to the present moment, to what I am now.
Cancer crossed my path and through that experience I became aware of the importance of nutrition, breathing, emotional management… everything that affects us directly or indirectly, although sometimes we are not aware of it.
I finished my studies in Macrobiotics and then went onto study Dietetics, Intestinal Microbiota, toxins, heavy metals and disease prevention.
The practice convinces me more every day that health begins in the intestines and that through nutrition and some adjustments in our lifestyle, we can recover or at least greatly improve the balance at all levels. If you want, I can be with you in your process.

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